This book is an easy read and a fantastic tool to get the words on the page. I also love the app or you can use Chris’s free spreadsheet.

Chris Fox Writes

5000-Words-per-hour-300x200A couple months back I embarked on the rather ambitious plan to write a non-fiction book (my first), which would launch with a companion iPhone app. The amount of work that went into creating software that would perfectly dovetail with a book was challenging, but very rewarding.

Today both are finally live! You can download the book on either iTunes or Amazon, and the app is available here. I know most people who read my blog are into my fiction, but if you’re a writer give the app and book a look.

They’ve both worked well for the people who’ve tried them so far, and I’m hoping they’ll AppIcon76x76@2xwork for you too! Either way I have to admit I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished.  =)

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Please can Free Gift recipients disappear from the list for the day after they have their gift same as the neighbour requests?

This would make ensuring all friends receive a gift not just the top neighbours.